[mythtv-users] MythMusic organising music by directory/artist/album

Dewey Smolka dsmolka at gmail.com
Sun Dec 17 05:32:41 UTC 2006

On 12/16/06, Paul <mylists at wilsononline.id.au> wrote:
> On 16/12/2006 2:05 PM, Paul wrote:
> > I have a modest amount of MP3's which are mostly organized in
> > subdirectories which are albums, how do I maintain this structure in
> > MythMusic, ie have my playlists top level by artist/subdir/album? then
> > song underneath this level?
> >
> >
> > P
> >
> someone wrote:
>   FE Utilities/Setup -> Setup -> Media Settings -> Music Settings ->
> General Settings
> Set Tree Sorting to 'directory'.
> ===
> And what if I want have this by Artist instead do I just put artist?

The 'directory' setting tells Myth to sort your music according to the
directory tree in which you have it. I, and most other users I gather,
keep their music in a directory tree that is roughly
/path/to/music/genre/artist/album/0x_trackname.ogg. In the FE music
settings I have path to music directory set as /path/to/music.

If you're using 'directory' instead of ID3 as a means of organizing
your music then it's up to you to organize your directories.

I'm not too fond of ID3 since it will give me different entries for eg
Miles Davis; Davis, Miles; Davis, Miles Quintet, The; The Miles Davis
Quintet; Quintet, The Miles Davis; Davis, Miles with John Coletrane;
Miles Davis and John Coletrane; Coletrane, John and Miles Davis; Mlies
Davis; etc. And those entries will be scattered across genres. Hardly
helpful when I want to hear "Blue in Green".

For my usage it's far better to decide what goes where by building the
directory stucture myself rather than letting cddb try to do it for

So if you want Mythmusic toi sort your records by artist, then
organize your directory stucture as

I just find the genre subdir helps organize things. I do have around
60 GB of music on my Myth machine, and having Bach next to Barry White
next to the Beatles next to Beck next to Belle and Sebastian, next to
Berlioz, next to Billie Holiday, next to Bjork, next to Bo Diddley,
next to Bob Dylan, etc, would just make things confusing.

I hope this all makes sense but I offer this disclaimer: My wife and I
have spent much of the day setting up holiday decorations with the
help of the good folks at Stolichnaya. If anything I say is incorrect,
I simply cannot be held resposible.

May His Noodly Appendage touch you this holiday season :)

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