[mythtv-users] Migrating existing recordings to new Storage Groups

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Sat Dec 30 05:36:08 UTC 2006

Matt wrote:
> Bruce, first off... thank you (and the others who helped) for
> implementing this.  I've been running SVN from about 5 days before
> this change went into SVN.  I'm constantly checking the commits and
> have been waiting to see some of the bugs worked out, but with the
> exception of a very few initial quirks, it looks like people have been
> raving that this is rock solid.  I know a lot of people have been

This is one of those things where we played patch tag off
line and some of us tried hard to break it before Chris
committed. Though there were a few things that still needed
fixing, we hammered out a lot of issues that may never come up.

> Anyway, I didn't know that it was smart enough to simply check all the
> storage groups for any file name.  This is nice because I don't have
> to load up a single storage directory.  Nice thinking!

Actually, this was a fun one. I deliberately moved files to
dirs for other groups to see what would happen. To deal with
this, Chris added code that will not only look in all paths
for the group but it will try every single path known in
storagegroup.dirname just in case. No reason not to try
everything before giving up and saying "file not found".

> Just to confirm and relieve any fears before taking the "formating"
> plunge and starting over... can you confirm that this sounds like
> it'll work?
> 1) Running current SVN - pre-storage groups (11673)
> 2) Backing up all old recordings to external hard drive
> 3) Backed up Database

Yes. I'd shutdown all myth programs for the last time, get
a good backup and copy it to at least two different places.

> 4) Re-install OS
> 5) Implement multiple storage directories (1 partition per drive)
> 6) Copy original recordings into either/both of the storage directories
> 7) Import backed up database
> 8) Install current MythTV SVN
> 9) Configure new storage group directories
> After that, myth will automatically see all my old recordings... correct?


--  bjm

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