[mythtv-users] Migrating existing recordings to new Storage Groups

Jake jakeisawake at gmail.com
Sat Dec 30 02:43:27 UTC 2006

>   That really did actually answer my question, but I'm kinda going a
> step farther.  My current recording directory is spread across two
> drives on an LVM.  I want to destroy the LVM and create a single
> partion on each drive.  Any ideas on how to accomplish this?

well, not sure if you have the space but what we did was delete all
the non-essential stuff and move it out of the way.  then take down
the lvm and partition it regularly, then copy the essential stuff
back.  then we added the extra partition to the default storage group
and myth started recording to that.  we've been running with the
storage group code for about two weeks now and it is working flawless
very nice guys!  if you don't have space to move the stuff off you lvm
then i'm not sure what you're looking for, there is no magic way to
convert to single partitions and storage groups with out moving your
recordings somewhere else, sorry.

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