[mythtv-users] TV Quality Recommendations (PVR-350 vs. S-Video vs. VGA->Composite)

Brett Kosinski fancypantalons at gmail.com
Fri Dec 29 20:29:28 UTC 2006

> And while I'm correcting stuff, that original e-mail should have said
> VGA to COMPONENT video, not composite.  But I get the impression that
> there's little difference in quality between S-video and component,
> especially given my setup.  In that case, I think I'm better off
> getting a new video card with built-in S-video out rather than using
> my current one (which is kind of old) and converting.

Actually going with VGA->Component would let you move to HD in the future,
as you would be able to get a VGA->DVI converter.  It's something to
consider if you think this is an upgrade you may do in the future.

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