[mythtv-users] Urgent Help Request: ATSC QAM256 scan in mythtv-setup returns

Jake Palmer jakep_82 at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 29 17:28:22 UTC 2006

>I need a little help from someone who:
>a)	has a working HD3000 card setup;
>b)	to receive QAM256 encoded cable TV.
>I have an HD3000 which can tune and play digital cable streams with azap
>and mplayer: the hardware works. However, channel scanning with a recent
>SVN version returns no channels. There is a TRAC ticket for this but I
>am no good at parsing code. I can however test that my card can work, IF
>PROPERLY set up. Accordingly, I need some mysql database entries.
>Would some kind soul run the following mysql queries from the mysql
>prompt and post the results? Either here or directly to me.
>Please and thank you.
>Please ensure that the entries all relate to the same card/ same
>multiplex frequency/ same channel etc. as the intention is to determine
>what the actual working setup is...since mine is gone and mythtv-setup
>does not seem to set up. Unless you have more than one DVB card, these
>should all be one line, except for the output of dtv_privatetypes.
>Please include the mysql field headers, as your schema may differ from
>my setup and this may be part of the problem. Please ensure that the
>setup you are using is a working channel for your HD3000.
># mysql -u mythtv -pmythtv mythconverg
>        select * from cardinput where inputname = 'DVBInput';
>Take note of the value of sourceid (say '2')and startchan ( really
>channum) ('108') in this output, for use below.
>         select * from capturecard where defaultinput = 'DVBInput';
>         select * from channel where sourceid = '2' and channum = '108';
>Take note of the value of mplexid ( say '2') in this output for use below.
>	select * from dtv_multiplex where mplexid = '2';
>	select * from dtv_privatetypes;
>If you are using ONLY a cable feed, then the diseqc_config and
>diseqc_tree tables should be empty. I think. Please confirm.
>Thanks in advance and I hope you have a Happy New Year..
>I hope to have one too, with my card working again!

Why not make a channels.conf file?  That's how I originally set up QAM on my 
system.  Myth imported it without any problems.


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