[mythtv-users] Urgent Help Request: ATSC QAM256 scan in mythtv-setup returns no channels.

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Fri Dec 29 15:56:30 UTC 2006

I need a little help from someone who:
a)	has a working HD3000 card setup;
b)	to receive QAM256 encoded cable TV.

I have an HD3000 which can tune and play digital cable streams with azap 
and mplayer: the hardware works. However, channel scanning with a recent 
SVN version returns no channels. There is a TRAC ticket for this but I 
am no good at parsing code. I can however test that my card can work, IF 
PROPERLY set up. Accordingly, I need some mysql database entries.

Would some kind soul run the following mysql queries from the mysql 
prompt and post the results? Either here or directly to me.
Please and thank you.

Please ensure that the entries all relate to the same card/ same 
multiplex frequency/ same channel etc. as the intention is to determine 
what the actual working setup is...since mine is gone and mythtv-setup 
does not seem to set up. Unless you have more than one DVB card, these 
should all be one line, except for the output of dtv_privatetypes. 
Please include the mysql field headers, as your schema may differ from 
my setup and this may be part of the problem. Please ensure that the 
setup you are using is a working channel for your HD3000.

# mysql -u mythtv -pmythtv mythconverg

       select * from cardinput where inputname = 'DVBInput';

Take note of the value of sourceid (say '2')and startchan ( really 
channum) ('108') in this output, for use below.

        select * from capturecard where defaultinput = 'DVBInput';

        select * from channel where sourceid = '2' and channum = '108';

Take note of the value of mplexid ( say '2') in this output for use below.

	select * from dtv_multiplex where mplexid = '2';

	select * from dtv_privatetypes;

If you are using ONLY a cable feed, then the diseqc_config and 
diseqc_tree tables should be empty. I think. Please confirm.

Thanks in advance and I hope you have a Happy New Year..

I hope to have one too, with my card working again!


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