[mythtv-users] Requirements for HDTV for K-WORLD ATSC-110

Jake Palmer jakep_82 at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 29 17:19:53 UTC 2006

>I am running a Mythtv setup on Ubuntu EDGY 6.10.
>I have backend+frontend on one machine and I also have a Frontend on 
>Specs for backend+frontend
>AMD sepron 3000+ 64bit/512mb/KWorld ATSC-110 card
>Specs for Frontend
>AMD turion MT-28 64but/1GB (actually a fujitsu s2110 notebook)
>Now the problem is I am getting choppy OTA HD on the notebook.
>Now I am accessing my backend via 802.11g wireless network on my notebook.
>Now three question I have is,
>1) what is the minimum bandwidth I would need for viewing HD channels on my
>2) Are these two machines powerful enough to view HD assuming I have enough
>3) Is the bandend powerful enough to record HDTV or this not even an issue.
>I know beyondTV that comes with this card just dumps the TS straight to
>harddrive.Does myth tv do the same?

1) HD can run as high as 19Mbit.  Wireless is not a good way to go for HDTV. 
  802.11g will struggle to keep up with the bandwidth requirements, 
especially if you're transmitting more than a few feet.

2) Probably not without XvMC.  My Athlon64 3200+ overclocked to 2.2GHz (from 
2.0) runs about 30-35% idle when watching 1080i using Bob deinterlacing.  
It's the just about the slowest CPU that will reliably work without a 
hardware accelerated video card.  With XvMC my old Athlon 2500 does fine for 

3) Recording can be done with anything.  Myth acts the same as beyontv in 
that it just dumps the stream straight to the hard drive.  Very minimal CPU 

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