[mythtv-users] Requirements for HDTV for K-WORLD ATSC-110

Myth Newbie mythtv at haiderkazmi.org
Fri Dec 29 03:52:38 UTC 2006

I am running a Mythtv setup on Ubuntu EDGY 6.10.

I have backend+frontend on one machine and I also have a Frontend on another

Specs for backend+frontend
AMD sepron 3000+ 64bit/512mb/KWorld ATSC-110 card

Specs for Frontend
AMD turion MT-28 64but/1GB (actually a fujitsu s2110 notebook)

Now the problem is I am getting choppy OTA HD on the notebook.

Now I am accessing my backend via 802.11g wireless network on my notebook.

Now three question I have is,
1) what is the minimum bandwidth I would need for viewing HD channels on my
2) Are these two machines powerful enough to view HD assuming I have enough
3) Is the bandend powerful enough to record HDTV or this not even an issue.
I know beyondTV that comes with this card just dumps the TS straight to
harddrive.Does myth tv do the same?

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