[mythtv-users] KWorld ATSC-110 Question

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Thu Dec 28 22:35:23 UTC 2006

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>To use it both as an analog and a digital tuner, I had configure Myth to
>look at it as two different cards.  The Analog half's performance isn't 
>great, as there is not hardware mpeg encoder.  But it works.   If I 
>correctly for the analog side you need to load the saa7134_dvb and
>saa7134_alsa modules, then configure a V4L card entry to point at the
>resulting video and audio inputs.   Can give better details tommorrow when 
>get back home, am visiting relatives and don't have access to my myth box.

This will work, but isn't a good solution.  The card is only capable of 
using one tuner at a time.  So if you have an ATSC and NTSC recording at the 
same time, one or both will fail.  That's why I submitted the patch to make 
the analog options work for the Kworld card (someone else did the hard work 
for the HD-5500, mine was a one liner).  It allows you to setup the NTSC 
tuner as a "daughter card" so only one tuner will be in use at a time.

On my system I use QAM and have a single cable going to the top input.  I 
get both QAM and NTSC from that one cable.  I tested and was able to a tune 
a few ATSC stations with the bottom input.

On a side note when I upgraded my kernel a few months ago the ATSC and QAM 
inputs flip flopped on me.  Originally ATSC was on top and QAM was on the 
bottom.  I don't recall what the upgrade was from or to, but I'm currently 
running with the setup I mentioned above.


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