[mythtv-users] Install Notes and Questions :FC6 ATI ConexantCX23880

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Thu Dec 28 21:34:33 UTC 2006

Wise, Jeremey wrote:
> I have sense fixed a few issues and figured I would post resolution.
> 1) TV not displaying once the system finishes posting was a sync issue.
> Just because I set the Video resolution to 640x480 does not mean that
> the "monitor" type can be the refresh rate of my sexy 21" SAMSUNG....
> aka.. to fix it .. .set the monitor type to generic CRT at 60hrz refresh
> rate. 
> 2) Issue with Video card and display pallet was resolved via install of
> native NVIDA driver ( PS My original post was confusing as the Video
> card is not ATI .. wrong computer... wrong bug posting...sorry for
> confusion) The NVidia driver was a bit of a pain as I had to install
> kernel-headers and kernel-source via YUM and have it do a compile. After
> a quick reboot..  all was well and things display fine.
> Outstanding issue:
> 1) I have yet to get my "bunny ears" to work with my video capture card.
> I boot up fine but when I go to play TV it has static. The manufactuer
> of the card is ASUS but the chipset is a Conexant CX23880. How do I find
> if this card supports "bunny ear style data"?  How do I enable the card
> to receive this as an input? If this card does not allow "bunny ears"
> ... what card does with MythTV Support(so I can go purchase it)?

If this really is a cx23880 based card, it should be recognixed and 
initialized by the cx88_dvb module. Try a 'modprobe cx88_dvb' and take 
alook at dmesg's output.

If that works, then you could possibly pick up some digital ATSC TV 
OTA.. depending on where you live.

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