[mythtv-users] KWorld ATSC-110 Question

Marco Nelissen marcone at xs4all.nl
Thu Dec 28 05:26:54 UTC 2006

>I bought this card and I have a question on how this
>card works. Maybe I bought this card thinking it
>worked one way but it works another or I've set
>something up wrong. First of all, I live in the US and
>I'm trying to get OTA HD along with analog cable.
>The card has two cable inputs. If I hook the top cable
>input up to an antenna and do a 8VSB-ATSC scan I get
>the digital channels. If I hook the bottom cable input
>to an antenna and do a scan I get nothing. I figured
>okay the top is for the antenna and the bottom is for
>the cable coming out of the wall. Well when I do this
>I get the digital channels but on the cable from the
>wall channels I get snow. If I hook the cable from the
>wall into the top cable input I get my wall cable

Sounds like the top one is the only input, and perhaps
the bottom connector is a passthrough. Didn't the card
come with a manual?

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