[mythtv-users] mythbackend doesn't start

John Vorstermans john at serion.co.nz
Wed Dec 27 22:01:32 UTC 2006

Zlatko V wrote:

> I'm just a mythtv user and not a linux expert. I don't find any 'functions' 
> for SuSE.
> I'm disappointed in MythTV. I have invested many hours and have tried with 
> different Linux distributions (RH6, CentOS 4.4, kubuntu 6.10, SuSE 10.1, 
> 10.2) and on every distribution I have had an other problem and it hasn't 
> function.
> Why is mythtv so distribution specific ?

Remember MythTV is currently version 0.20, that is it still has a long 
way to go before it is considered suitable for joe average.   It works 
really well once it is installed and configured but there is a bit of a 
learning curve for those new at it.

Rather than trying all the above distributions you would have been 
better to stick to one and put your time and energy into getting that 
one working properly.

Good luck with your search.


Knowledge comes from learning, wisdom comes
through letting go of what you think you know.
			         - Gerar Toye.

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