[mythtv-users] mythbackend doesn't start

Zlatko V zlatko0612 at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 27 21:02:38 UTC 2006

Hello Stroller,

thank you for your answers.

>See http://www.ss64.com/bash/period.html & http:// 
>learnlinux.tsf.org.za/courses/build/shell-scripting/ch10s02.html for  

I'm just a mythtv user and not a linux expert. I don't find any 'functions' 
for SuSE.

I'm disappointed in MythTV. I have invested many hours and have tried with 
different Linux distributions (RH6, CentOS 4.4, kubuntu 6.10, SuSE 10.1, 
10.2) and on every distribution I have had an other problem and it hasn't 
Why is mythtv so distribution specific ?
SuSE isn't any of the unknown small distributions and such problems as 
/etc/init.d/functions should be solved in mythtv.

I have chosed mythtv because I need server/client solution and recording. 
And I need just this and anything more.

If I don't get the right answer for this problem I'll serch for other 
Probably is the best way to take WindowsXP and vnc to see it on the remote 
client :-)

Thank you again



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