[mythtv-users] **Update - FIXED** mythbackend not responding -and even more weirdness

Henry A Harper III hah at alumni.rice.edu
Wed Dec 27 17:14:19 UTC 2006

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> On 12/27/06, Bill Arlofski <waa-mythtv at revpol.com> wrote:
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> > Does any of the burden of this problem fall on the mythtv devs? Is it a
> > programming issue with Mythtv and SMP? Is it an AMD Athlon64 X2 SMP
> > issue specific to the CPU I am using? Again, I do not know.
> >
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> Interesting results. It might well be SMP related. I have a P4HT
> machine as the backend server and it's having similar problems.
> We are having a lot of problems with mythbackend just shutting off,
> but it seems to only shut off only when there are mythfrontend
> machines that are just finishing watching programs. Over the Christmas
> break we travelled for 4 days. mythbackend recorded everything
> correctly for about 40 hours of material. Lots to watch, so we started
> trying to do so. Yesterday mythbackend shut off 3 times. I'd restart
> the backend and it would happen again maybe 1-2 hours later.
> Thanks for the SMP idea. I'll look at that and report back.

FYI, my 4600+ x2 w/ 2.6.17 SMP kernel in a FE/BE has been up 97 days with no
backend "weirdness" other than xbox360-caused upnp issues (just 100% core
usage, not unresponsive) until I went to newer svn head last week.

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