[mythtv-users] **Update - FIXED** mythbackend not responding - and even more weirdness

Ryan Duffy dusteur at excite.com
Wed Dec 27 14:40:43 UTC 2006

> Thanks to |Torg|, kormoc and others in the #mythtv-users IRC channel it
> seems we found a possible cause and at least a quick fix.
> I am no kernel hacker, but |Torg| pointed me to this:
> http://lkml.org/lkml/2006/4/12/64 , along with the thought that there is
> or may be timing issue between the two cores which was causing
> Mythbackend to stop responding.
> Disabling SMP support in my 2.6.18 "vanilla" kernel (gentoo-speak) on
> this AMD Athlon64 X2 dual core system seems to have cleared up the
> problem I originally described where the Mythbackend randomly stopped
> responding to the frontend(s).
> It has been running for almost 48 hours now, recording, commflagging,
> transcoding and talking to multiple frontends, including mythweb - so
> far no issues to report since SMP was disabled.

So, let's get this straight - you've "fixed" a mythtv threading issue by disabling one of the cores of your dual-core CPU? 

I very strongly suspect you've simply made it less likely to occur...

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