[mythtv-users] programgenres hosed...

Brian Guilfoos mythtv at guilfoos.com
Wed Dec 27 13:58:26 UTC 2006

Glenn Harris wrote:
> I just had a bunch of kernel panics over the weekend.  In my case it
> seems to be hardware related .. but in the process of diagnosing that
> I ended up with quite a few blown up mysql tables.  I found this in
> the MySQL reference manual:
> http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/repair.html

Handy link.

> Short summary:
> backup your data tables!
> (from a console)
> cd to the directory with your mythtv tables
> check for troubled tables with
>   $ myisamchk *.MYI
> fix troubles tables with (quick repair)
>   $ myisamchk -r -q <tablename>
> if that does not work, it should tell you what you need to do to fix
> them, in my case it was removing the 'quick' option
>   $ myisamchk -r <tablename>

I had to do something a little more involved, as myisamchk claimed
programgenres was not a MyISAM table!  For the benefit of others
searching the list archives, here is what I did (as root so I had
appropriate permissions).  Edit paths and table names as needed.

shell$ cd /home/mysql/mythconverg
shell$ cp programgenres.MYI ~/mythtv/.
shell$ mysql -p mythconverg
mysql$ set autocommit = 1;
mysql$ truncate table programgenres;
mysql$ quit;
shell$ cp ~/mythtv/programgenres.MYI .
shell$ myisamchk -r programgenres

This dropped 1289 records, but fixed the table index.  I can now see the
records, and operation is back to normal.

Thanks for your help, Glenn.

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