[mythtv-users] Sony VAIO Media Changer...... GOOD News!!

Mr. Myth mythtv at blandford.net
Tue Dec 26 21:21:30 UTC 2006

Will . wrote:

> you can take discs out of the changer and it will remember what the 
> movie name is etc. You get a section in the video browser for viewing 
> your discs, I have a folder for the changer where you get the same 
> view as if they were video files. 

Perfect.  This is exactly what I would want.  I am assuming I can just 
play them from this menu as well.

> I have asked about adding support for the changer on mythdev but I've 
> never had a reply. I really needed to get a dialog going before 
> considering whether to ticket and submit the code. I've linked in code 
> from MythVideo and MythCD into MythDVD to make it all work which is 
> part of the reason I need the chat. I've not seem many people ask 
> about support under Myth so maybe thats part of the reason why. 
> Perhaps more people will be intersted in the future, it seems like a 
> useful feature to me, especially for a media center.

I am pretty excited about this product personally.  I would love to have 
most/all of my DVDs available all the time.

I would hope a dialog could be started in the devel list and gain 
interest in this.  If myth will support it I will definitely buy one.

I do have some questions.

1) How does this work with a seperate frontend/backend solution?  I am 
hoping it would be on my backend machine so the DVDs would somehow be 
available to all frontends.  Is this the case?  I assume only one 
frontend could access it at a time though.

2) Will this changer read dual or single layer disks that you write 

3) Are your patches available?


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