[mythtv-users] Sony VAIO Media Changer...... GOOD News!!

Will . nodenet at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 24 21:08:21 UTC 2006

Hi Michael,

I missed your original post, spotted it today in an archive, sorry for the 
long delay in replying.

I've made some progress, although I can only work on this when I get spare 
time which isnt often. I moved the DVD scanning, CD ripping to mtd so it can 
happen in the background. Needs a bit more work as if a disk gets mounted 
for some reason while scanning it can lock up the job. I also think it would 
be good to add device locking so you cant say for example try to run 2 
inventory jobs at once... not sure what chaos that would cause!!

The inventory has some support for automatic IMDB lookup, I tweaked the 
script for this. The thing is unfourtunately that most discs dont have a 
title or not one that can be easily used for IMDB lookups anyway. I store a 
unique key for the discs so it would be possible to provide an automatic 
lookup system, but someone would need to host and write it first :) The meta 
data storage is permanent so you can take discs out of the changer and it 
will remember what the movie name is etc. You get a section in the video 
browser for viewing your discs, I have a folder for the changer where you 
get the same view as if they were video files. Technically you can add a 
shortcut anywhere in the video browser tree, although I've not added this in 
yet. You can change the meta data by going into the video manager and 
updating in the same way you would a regular video file, I think I added a 
slot number to help. There is an incremental and full scanning mode, the 
incremental mode should be run after a disc is inserted or removed. I have 
no front end for importing/exporting discs at the moment, such a front end 
(if written) could be used to trigger the incremental scan and manage the 
changer etc. I think thats where more work is required for the front ends 
and configuration of everything. Currently I have one icon for DVD inventory 
and 1 for batch CD ripping, both are in the CD/DVD menu. You can view the 
status of a job in the import DVD section.

Technically I cant think of any reason why more than 1 changer won't work, 
I've already put in the required code for this. It just needs someone with 
the space and money to test it out :)

I have asked about adding support for the changer on mythdev but I've never 
had a reply. I really needed to get a dialog going before considering 
whether to ticket and submit the code. I've linked in code from MythVideo 
and MythCD into MythDVD to make it all work which is part of the reason I 
need the chat. I've not seem many people ask about support under Myth so 
maybe thats part of the reason why. Perhaps more people will be intersted in 
the future, it seems like a useful feature to me, especially for a media 

Merry Xmas


P.S. if you CC me in any reply I'm more likely to see it (I'm not currently 
subscribed to the myth-users mailing list)

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