[mythtv-users] Computer case recoomendations

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Mon Dec 25 20:11:25 UTC 2006

Robert Seaton wrote:
> I'm building a dedicated mythbox. I'm looking for recommendations for a
> computer case.
> 1. Case must be high quality
> 2. Must be desktop form factor
> 3. Must be small enough to fit on top of my TV
> 4. Must look good sitting on top of my TV
> 5. Must fit an ATX board

I was going to say that the SilverStone Tech LC11 would be just what you 
  might want, but its mini-ATX. Silverstone do have other cases which 
will fit your needs and the construction is excellent and they do look 
nice. The models with included IR/VFD work well with lirc and lcdproc 
and the remote is nice. Well worth it.
And they are quiet!!!


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