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Yeechang Lee ylee at pobox.com
Mon Dec 25 20:09:18 UTC 2006

F Peeters (MythTV) <francesco at fampeeters.com> says:
> Just out of curiosity a quick Poll: How will you spend your Christmas?

I am with my immediate family. Despite the lack of broadband in the
house, thanks to Sprint PCS EV-DO and ssh, I am still able to
benchmark[1] various RAID configurations on a massive new storage
server I got up and running yesterday. Once I figure out the best
chunk size to use, I'll use it for both MythTV storage and, of course,
as a backend (first slave, and perhaps as primary later).

Meanwhile, I periodically track my MythTV frontend/backend's current
status through MythWeb.

[1] So far, with a JFS-on-RAID 6-with-512K-chunk configuration, the
best I've seen is

$ time dd if=/dev/zero of=80gb bs=1024k count=80000

    83886080000 bytes (84 GB) copied, 859.941 seconds, 97.5 MB/s

    real    14m20.034s
    user    0m0.156s
    sys     4m31.013s


$ hdparm -Tt /dev/md0

    Timing cached reads:   10064 MB in  2.00 seconds = 5037.11 MB/sec
    Timing buffered disk reads:  856 MB in  3.04 seconds = 281.81

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