[mythtv-users] Don touch your dial folks, we will be right back after this announcement!

F Peeters (MythTV) francesco at fampeeters.com
Sun Dec 24 21:33:58 UTC 2006

Merry Christmas to all!

Just out of curiosity a quick Poll: How will you spend your Christmas?

I'll (partially) spend my Christmas break on building a new backend
server!  ;-)

(Now if only my Intel (D865GLC) board behaved as it should, instead of
turning off all the time due to thermal events (overheating) when there
isn't any... SIGH)

F Peeters
  PC-Chips M863G Geode - NVidia 440 - Hauppauge PVR250
  Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft) - XFCE - MythTV 0.20 - Xine
  Panasonic NV-VHD1 VCR/DVD player case modded to fit it all in...

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