[mythtv-users] WMA files through MythMusic

Paul Bender pebender at san.rr.com
Sun Dec 24 19:41:15 UTC 2006

Brad Goodman wrote:
> Whenever I try to play a [no-DRM] wma file through MythMusic it simply 
> does nothing. No errors or other messages are logged - it just doesn't play.
> These files play fine through mplayer. I am using Myth .20

I stumbled across something rather strange related to WMA support.

I compile Myth from source for MiniMyth. While it is not supported, I 
compiled Myth with OSS support disabled. Since MiniMyth is a frontend 
only and uses ALSA, I figured that it would be fine. As far as I could 
tell everything was fine.

However, WMA did not work. I never tried to track it down until a 
MiniMyth user asked about WMA support. I discovered that if I compiled 
Myth with OSS support, then WMA would work in MythMusic. On the other 
hand, if I compiled Myth without OSS support, then WMA would not work in 

I have no idea whether WMA support has some odd dependency on OSS or 
whether disabling OSS support triggered some odd bug. Either way, I 
figured I would just leave OSS support enabled.

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