[mythtv-users] [Fwd: Re: MythWeb "crashed" - submit bug?]

Piers Kittel mythtv at biased.org
Sun Dec 24 18:52:15 UTC 2006


On 24 Dec 2006, at 18:43, Chris Petersen wrote:

> -fixes *is* the stable release.  By it's name, it suggests that it's
> *more* stable than the tarball, since it has fixes that the tarball  
> doesn't.
> New tarballs haven't been made because the vast majority of MythTV  
> users
> are using packages, which pull from -fixes, or people who have learned
> to use the -fixes branch itself.   I highly recommend that you do this
> if you are compiling your own copy, since there are quite a few bug
> fixes there which are not in the .20a tarballs on the website.
> You can also safely upgrade *just* mythweb, as long as you keep  
> your old
> mythbackend.php file around to restore (there was a protocol version
> bump, but it didn't affect any other code in mythweb).

OK, but when I go to mythtv.org, click on download, and download the  
package there, it's 0.20 not -fixes, or 0.20a?  Just as well, I'm  
having problems with the OS X frontend not running on Panther and  
someone had to compile a special version of the OS X frontend for me  
- I don't want to risk breaking it all with another protocol change.

The wiki seems to say that 0.20.1 isn't released:


Note "This is an unreleased development version"

Thanks for your help anyway!

Cheers - Piers

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