[mythtv-users] Record HD *and* SD showings?

Doug Larrick doug at parkercat.org
Sun Dec 24 17:37:35 UTC 2006

I am adding a PVR-150 to my HD-only MythTV system, to record shows off
of analog cable.  Once this is done, the only use of my old Series1 Tivo
will be as a backup for those times weather interferes with over-the-air
recordings of HD programs.

Is there a way to convince MythTV to record the same show twice at the
same time, from two different channels?  Then the PVR-150 recording
would serve as the weather backup.

If I make an any-channel schedule, MythTV chooses the showing on the HD
channel (as expected, since it has higher channel priority).  If I make
two channel-only schedules, the HD-channel showing is active and the
SD-channel showing is marked as a duplicate (unless I use duplicate
check method "none", in which case it wants to record old reruns too).

Any ideas?


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