[mythtv-users] Loosely coupled slave FE/BE

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Sun Dec 24 17:21:00 UTC 2006

On Dec 23, 2006, at 11:39 PM, Cory Zerwas wrote:

> I was just pondering this idea today and thought I would see if  
> anyone touched on this.  I have to say I am a little reassured now  
> that I see others are interested as well.  I have a bit different  
> of a need but I am also interested in making my notebook a portable  
> PVR of sorts as you have touched on already.
> I came upon an archive-myth idea as I watch the expiration of our  
> recordings take a huge spike during this marathon-intensive holiday  
> streak the networks have.  We only have a few hundred gigs of  
> storage and we are finding that even with only 2-3 recordings per  
> show there are so many on the air that it's shrinking the  
> expiration cycle time.  Today my fiance noticed that all of the  
> kids' pre-holiday specials have already expired out of the system.
> I already have a slave backend on another system with a fair amount  
> of storage.  It seems to be rather cumbersome and ineffecient to  
> try and "share" this storage with my master backend .  I don't  
> suppose it would be possible to export certain recordings to that  
> backend for storage, like an "archive" myth backend and playback  
> that archived video from that machine?  In that case would I have  
> to have two different frontend configs for the two DBs, depending  
> on which I wanted to use; or would it be possible to hack a way to  
> combine both DB's info into master backend list we normally see?

There is myth_archive_job.pl (not to be confused with MythArchive).  
In the contrib directory. Read the script, it is pretty self- 

This simply allows you to easily move files to alternate storage,  
which could be an NFS-mounted directory or anything else. It simply  
replaces the file with a symlink so Myth still sees the file.

It's a nice script, checks for available space before moving and can  
check several possible directories to find one with enough space. It  
also lets you specify how much room to leave on the storage directories.

If you have spare space on another Linux machine I'd just export a  
directory via NFS and use that for a directory for myth_archive_job  

This assumes of course that your network can take the load. SD over  
hardwire is no problem but HD over a wireless link would probably be  

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