[mythtv-users] Loosely coupled slave FE/BE

Cory Zerwas gannas at gmail.com
Sun Dec 24 06:39:26 UTC 2006

I was just pondering this idea today and thought I would see if anyone
touched on this.  I have to say I am a little reassured now that I see
others are interested as well.  I have a bit different of a need but I am
also interested in making my notebook a portable PVR of sorts as you have
touched on already.

I came upon an archive-myth idea as I watch the expiration of our recordings
take a huge spike during this marathon-intensive holiday streak the networks
have.  We only have a few hundred gigs of storage and we are finding that
even with only 2-3 recordings per show there are so many on the air that
it's shrinking the expiration cycle time.  Today my fiance noticed that all
of the kids' pre-holiday specials have already expired out of the system.

I already have a slave backend on another system with a fair amount of
storage.  It seems to be rather cumbersome and ineffecient to try and
"share" this storage with my master backend .  I don't suppose it would be
possible to export certain recordings to that backend for storage, like an
"archive" myth backend and playback that archived video from that machine?
In that case would I have to have two different frontend configs for the two
DBs, depending on which I wanted to use; or would it be possible to hack a
way to combine both DB's info into master backend list we normally see?

I will probably start this on christmas day (we already celebrated solstice
instead). Does anyone have any experiences that may help me along with this,
or does anyone know that this will not work?  I'm currently on 0.20-fixes .

Thank you,

On 11/30/06, Matt Rude <mythtv at mattrude.com> wrote:
> Brad DerManouelian wrote:
> > On Nov 30, 2006, at 8:24 AM, White Joe wrote:
> >
> >> I am in the planning stages of putting together a second MythTV FE/BE
> >> to go in the kitchen.  Its gonna be a Mini-ITX box attached to an LCD
> >> monitor.  The plan is to make it portable so that we can easly take it
> >> on vacations or down to the clubhouse to play recorded shows and DVDs
> >> for the kids' sleepovers.  I will need to write some scripts that copy
> >> designated vids to the slave, detach it from the network, bring a
> >> local DB on line, register the tranferred vids and do anything else
> >> that promotes it to master status.  I don't see any HOWTOs or many
> >> posts refering to the idea of decoupling.  But before I got started, I
> >> wanted to ask if its already been done.
> >>
> >> Thanks,
> >> jw
> >
> > It's been discussed in the past for the purposes of a car-installed Myth
> > system or a laptop that will be a backend when away from home. I don't
> > believe anyone has actually implemented this, but I think MythArchive
> > will give you a good headstart on picking programs and putting them into
> > a format that you could then restore from the MythArchive menu. I would
> > think you'd just need to switch the db on change your backend IP to the
> > local machine (or edit a host entry to fake it into thinking the local
> > machine is the IP address that used to be your real backend - this might
> > be easier), and initiation the MythArchive restore.
> >
> If you have the MySQL server running on your SlaveBE I dont see why you
> can't just make a new mysql.txt and have the loopback address in there
> ( now just switch the files
> cp mysql.txt.nework mysql.txt
> cp mysql.txt.local mysql.txt
> Just to be clean you can even create a rule in iptables that will block
> mythtv and mysql from talking to the network when you are switched to
> the local state.
> To me this looks like you could make a nice switch-to-local script run
> it then just import the recordings.
> Anyone know if you can script the mytharchive import program to fine the
> recordings and import them into the database?
> If you get anywhere with this I would love to see it or even help.
> Thanks
> -Matt
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