[mythtv-users] A frontend extension ??!!

Nick Lin topolopulus at gmail.com
Sun Dec 24 01:37:28 UTC 2006

> Umm... I find this a little confusing. Web-based means "using a web-
> browser"; telnet is not web-based.

haa... you are right,  it was my fault, they are two different thing... :p ...
i mean i saw a web-based control for pda and a program uses telnet
port to control mythtv

> It might help to post details of which PDA you're using & what
> connectivity it offers.
my PDA is a HP 1950, a basic PDA... it has wifi and IR port.

thanks a lot for your links... they are useful, but they just have a
half of my idea,
well... my idea is almost a full function web-based frontend for PDA,
but i want it play music, video and TV on my linux box..... mmmm....
it's hard to explain my idea... hahahahaha

this is because i just wanna have all control of mythTV with my PDA,
and let my linux box ONLY play item what i want, so i can edit play
list without monitor (use my pda to edit) and everywhere because wifi

well..... sounds good, but is it possible?

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