[mythtv-users] MythStream general usage instructions

David Fishburn fishburn at ianywhere.com
Thu Dec 21 18:41:08 UTC 2006

Myth 0.20 (from a dist not SVN)
Kernel 2.6.18
Ubuntu Edgy
MythStream 0.17_2  (Oct 13 2006)

I wanted to stream some of the internet radio stations using Myth.  
Seems MythStream is the perfect fit for this.
Are there any other options?

So I downloaded the source from:

Followed the INSTALL and have (I believe) everything configured in Myth.
The README isn't really giving me the information I need, like what to
expect when I press <Enter> below.

In the Myth Frontend I went here:
Media Library -> Stream Settings -> Steams

Moved the highlighted text to:
Radio -> CBC Radio 2

Now what?
I hit Enter, nothing happens?
No messages in the frontend log.

Is there documentation on how to use this?
I will want to get the remote to work with it as well, so I will need some
hints along that way to.

My goal is at least to get this site working:

Which amoung many layers eventually ends up being a Windows Media stream.
Audio codec: Windows Media Audio 9, 40 kbps, 32 kHz, stereo 1-pass CBR

Will there be something special get gets Windows Media streams working with

Using MythStream from MythWeb allows me to click on the CFTR link above and
listen to it from my browser.


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