[mythtv-users] Wrong filesize after transcode

raptor jr raptorjr at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 20 22:50:54 UTC 2006

A few days ago i updated to the latest svn. Have always been running that 
version but hadn't updated for a few weeks. And now i have a small problem.
After i have done a transcoding MythTV report the wrong filesize of the 
file. I saw this first in MythWeb. I had transcoded a file, but the size 
didn't change in MythWeb. Thought it was something wrong with the 
transcoding, or that my settings for the transcoding profile had been messed 
up. But after a few minutes when i couldn't find anything wrong i looked at 
the size on the disk, and the size of the file was small, as expected after 
the transcoding. But MythTV didn't show that size. The original size was 
still present.
Restart of backend/frontend didn't help.

Not really a big problem since the transcoding work and the files get 
smaller, but i'm wondering if maybe something else could go wrong if myth 
has the wrong size info on the files. Maybe the system thinks the disk is 
full later even though there is space left or something like that. Don't 
know what else could go wrong.

Or is it only i who has this problem?

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