[mythtv-users] How to plan for a expandable MythTV system??

Trent Carbe trencarbe at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 20 17:38:09 UTC 2006

 Hi all,
  I've been reading about HTPC's and MythTV in general, but I'm still a newbie. What I cannot grasp is how to configure a simple system that meets my needs for now, but can be exchangeable when the needs change?
  Let me illustrate this with my requirements on today’s HTPC configuration:
  - Double tuners (analogue or digital)
  - Being able to record and play streams simultaneously
  - Connect to a CRT TV
  - TV and movie (of different formats) watching
  - Listening to radio (but radio is supported via TV tuners)
  - No gaming
  - No particular sound, just plain stereo
  - Network card
  - Remote control
  - MythTV
  What I would like is, when for instance the HD content comes to my house, to change the configuration to something more powerful without having to start all over again.
In the future I’d like to upgrade for instance: 
- stereo sound -> 7.1 sound 
- regular DVD -> HD-DVD or Blueray

  What would you ppl suggest about the processor, is it any idea to buy a 64 bits processor at once or buy a cheaper processor with a better motherboard that also supports 64 bit processors?
  -          AMD or Intel, thinking in terms of heat production etc? 
  -          Duo Core or Duo Core 2?
  Graphics / Tuner cards:
  Are there chipsets out there that are better avoiding?
  The HTPC is planned to be a combined MythTV Frontend / Backend that will be sitting in beneath the TV.
  Please give me suggestions on computer configuration regarding thoughts above! 
  Best Regards,

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