[mythtv-users] Geforce 420 Go and HDTV?

Eric Jorgensen alhaz at xmission.com
Tue Dec 19 19:49:52 UTC 2006

I'm curious if anyone has successfully put together a watchable hdtv
frontend on a laptop with a 420 Go gpu. 

What i find odd is that i can stream 720P from my backend at home to my
2.4ghz celeron w/ fx5500 at work via http tunneled through ssh and the
player doesn't even break a sweat, but my 2.2ghz Pentium-M 420 Go laptop
is a damn slide show for anything over 420i. 

If the nvidia drivers are a potential cause for the low performance, one
of the issues i have is that 87xx builds of the nvidia drivers cause the
laptop to reboot. 7 series and 9 series work ok, but so far i haven't
found a driver that works at all well. 

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