[mythtv-users] acpi wakeup mythbackend

Markus Amann mamann at web.de
Mon Dec 18 19:48:48 UTC 2006


IŽd like to wakeup my Mythbackend with the ACPI solution.
I followed the ACPI Wakeup at the Myth Wiki, but without success.
My wakeup Command is "SetWakeuptimeCommand /usr/bin/mythsettime $time"
The mythsettime script is the following:
sudo echo $1 > /var/lib/mythtv/myth.time
sudo echo $1 > /proc/acpi/alarm
which should write the wakeup time into the acpi alarm .
my question is now, how can i test the script without the mythbackend
because the $time variable is not know outside the mythbackend programm.


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