[mythtv-users] Firewire/Motorola question

Jesse Dhillon tobor at berkeley.edu
Sun Dec 17 05:14:26 UTC 2006

Actually here's an exciting update!

I AM able to receive the video stream from myth. It seems that the 
connection is just spotty and unreliable, as others have described. 
However, this is interesting: I am also able to receive unencrypted 
premium channels. Right now I have a sample from Lord of the Rings from 
TNTHD. The format is weird, but it's MPEG. Mplayer complains about too 
many packets, and also I can't yet get it to work under Myth...any thoughts?


Jesse Dhillon wrote:
> For anyone who has successfully gotten the DCT 6200 working under Myth, 
> can you suggest what might be the problem:
> * The box successfully communicates with the TV over Firewire, and I get 
> all the HD content at HD resolutions.
> * I can use plugctl and plugreport to get information about the 
> connection to the box, and firewire_tester to ping the box.
> * test-mpeg2 produces no video, but no warning or error messages.
> What could be the problem? Please don't say the box simply refuses to 
> produce video for myth because of some DTCP issues. That would be 
> completely expected, considering that you have to be an illogical 
> bastard if you want to make or sell one of these boxes.
> Jesse.
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