[mythtv-users] Firewire/Motorola question

Jesse Dhillon tobor at berkeley.edu
Sun Dec 17 04:24:38 UTC 2006

For anyone who has successfully gotten the DCT 6200 working under Myth, 
can you suggest what might be the problem:

* The box successfully communicates with the TV over Firewire, and I get 
all the HD content at HD resolutions.
* I can use plugctl and plugreport to get information about the 
connection to the box, and firewire_tester to ping the box.
* test-mpeg2 produces no video, but no warning or error messages.

What could be the problem? Please don't say the box simply refuses to 
produce video for myth because of some DTCP issues. That would be 
completely expected, considering that you have to be an illogical 
bastard if you want to make or sell one of these boxes.


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