[mythtv-users] Removed PVR-350 support

Timm tjburns at charter.net
Sat Dec 16 19:44:43 UTC 2006

I found a post at 
http://www.mythpvr.com/mythtv/pvr-350-mythtv-support.html that says that 
PVR-350 decoding support has been removed from MythTV .20; that explains 
my problems after an upgrade; I'll probably downgrade for the time being 
until I get the rest of my hardware in line.  This was a good, simple 
way of dealing with the tv video, so it's too bad to see it go.

Is there anyone who would be interested in handling development of the 
350 decoding so it is included in future versions?  I've seen other 
projects where they run a session through paypal asking for $5-10 
contributions to buy hardware and make some development worthwhile for 
someone.  Is that something that others would be interested in?

I am NOT a programmer, so no, I'm not that person.  :-)

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