[mythtv-users] FIOS TV & PVR-350?

Mark J. Scheller mark.j.scheller at gmail.com
Sat Dec 16 19:31:29 UTC 2006

I just signed up for FIOS TV -- can't wait to give the old cable company the
heave ho!  But I realize the only option I have now for recording is via the
provided STB I'll get when the installer is here.  My current setup is using
a PVR-350 and recording the analog cable right from that -- and doing all my
video through the same card.  Very convenient, but the picture quality isn't
the best (part of why I'm looking forward to getting rid of the existing

With all that said, the best all around solution would be to replace the
PVR-350 with something that could take the place of the STB, so I could
record FIOS TV directly to my myth.  Are there cards capable of such feats
or not yet?

The alternative is to have the PVR-350 record from the STB.  Anyone gone
this route that has some advice?

Thanks in advance!

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