[mythtv-users] 0.20 crashing problem (newbie)

NathanKell nathankell at gmail.com
Sat Dec 16 18:58:53 UTC 2006

Some years ago I posted regarding a saa7134 tuner in FC3; our mythbox, with
that and using 0.18, had been running pretty good (albeit the frontend
crashed some, but never so destructively I felt like trying to fix it...);
recently I took the plunge and upgraded to .20.
First I tried a brand-spanking-new FC6 install; but that had the issue of
the sound being muted on every channel change (so I used Neale Pickett's
cronjob to unmute every 5 seconds). That worked, but the system locked up
disturbingly often--which I thought might be related to that hack. So I went
back to my FC3 setup, and did a dist-upgrade (since only update'ing mythtv
kept erroring out). At first it worked fine, but recently it's been locking
up again, with increasing frequency.

So I'm here, begging for help. :]

The lockup usually occurs during the night, which made me think it might
have to do with mythfilldatabase, but that's set to run when zap2it tells it
to, so it may not be run then. Unless it's a problem unrelated to mythtv, of
course; but then, mythtv and its prereqs is all we run on the box...

Now, I'm afraid I'm enough of a newb to not even really know what logs to
check (or how) to see what might be relevant...

Anyway, hoping for answers--or at least relevant questions that'll tell me
what to look at... ;)


(Short system summary:
FC3 install (via Jarod's guide), except using ext3 on the LVM video
nforce2 MB with AMD 3000+ (@2.0ghz, not overclocked)
1GB ram, 160GB + 320GB drives
1x saa7134 tuner (Flyvideo 3000FM)
2x ATI TV Wonder (the old kind, that supposedly can do btaudio; but right
now using only one and that via analog line-in sound)
SB Live as second sound card
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