[mythtv-users] Digital tuner card recommendations

mikepolniak mikpolniak at adelphia.net
Sat Dec 16 14:46:56 UTC 2006

On 21:12 Fri 15 Dec     , Jared C. Davis wrote:
> Hi,
> I got some great advice from this list when I was looking for a video
> card, so I'm hoping to repeat the experience. :)  My ideal card would
> be easy to install and configure, reliable, and cheap (in that order).
>  I am tentatively looking at the pcHDTV 5500, which seems to be about
> $135 USD (shipped) from pchdtv.com.  But I have no idea if these are
> good cards or if there are better ones.
I am using 3 HDTV cards that meet your requirements(with price i paid):

Divco Fusion5 Lite (OTA & QAM)...$89 new
Kworld 110 (OTA & QAM)...$40 ebay 
Air2PC (OTA-only)...$20 ebay

The necessary drivers and firmware are easily available. The picture
quality is the same on all 3 tuners.

> I also read that HD signals take more CPU effort than standard
> signals.  My myth system is also my main computer, and it has a
> Pentium-D, 2.8 GHz and an Nvidia 6200 PCI-E card which does the
> dual-head between my monitor and the TV.  I hope this will be fast
> enough to simultaneously (1) record a tv show, (2) watch a recording,
> and (3) work on emacs or browse the web.
I use a AMD-3200 @ 2.7GHz with 6200 PCI-E card and can simutaneously
record 2 HDTV programs (with commflagging) and watch a HDTV program on my

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