[mythtv-users] Intel mac mini linux, tv-out problems

Matt Hannan mythtvlist at cox.net
Sat Dec 16 05:56:30 UTC 2006

I found out earlier tonight that openSuse10.2 is the only distro
currently shipping with Xorg-X11-7.2.
I'm downloading the DVD iso via BT right now and will be installing this
on my Mini tomorrow.
Look for updates.

Anyone else out there even thought of openSuse on the Mini?
I know I didn't!


PS...Yes, yes. I know. Boycott Suse. But this is more about testing
Xorg-X11-7.2 on the Mini than supporting some weird contract law thing
that I just don't grok. I fully intend on reloading FC6 as soon as
Xorg-X11-7.2 is available for it.

Matt Hannan wrote:
> Jose Angel wrote:
>> I am involved in getting a Mythtv box with the new intel mac mini.
>> But, no success in the connection to an analog TV with no dvi connector.
>> I have a dual boot system, with the standard Mac OSX + ubuntu edgy 6.10.
>> Using my TFT monitor with the DVI-to-VGA adapter everything works ok
>> from the standard configuration (i only had to recompile kernel to
>> apply a patch for getting apple remote working).
>> In order to connect to the analog TV, i have used the standar
>> dvi-to-(composite/s-video) apple adapter. When booting the macmini
>> connected to the TV, i can see in TV the menu of refit to choose
>> macosx or linux. When i select linux, the tv image goes off and
>> nothing happens.
>> I am using xorg 7.1 (from the ubuntu repositories) and the latest git
>> i810 driver. I have tried several modifications in xorg.conf but i am
>> not an expert in modelines, 915resolution and so on....
>> Any ideas?
>> Thanks in advance!
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> I am impatiently awaiting the release of X11-7.2. Should have been
> released on Monday, but no dice yet.
> Everything I have read indicates that our issues SHOULD be fixed with
> that release.
> Fingers crossed.
> Let me know if you turn anything up in the meantime.
> Matt
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