[mythtv-users] problems with nuvexport xvid files (Windows and MythVideo)

Matt skd5aner at gmail.com
Fri Dec 15 23:39:26 UTC 2006


   I've used nuvexport for a while, but typically I've had no problems
playing my converted MPEG2-to-Xvid recordings on linux or Windows.
However, I am having a couple of interesting behaviors and I'd like to
make sure that I'm not doing something wrong or that there might be a
bug in either nuvexport or ffmpeg?

1) I can only get audio in Windows when I play exported shows with the
Xvid codec.  When I load up the clip in GSPot, it says that that part
of the stream is in an uncompatible format.  However, I can play them
using the internal player in linux.  The interesting thing is that if
I install the DivX codec, it'll play just fine in any player in
Windows.  I'm not which codec it's using to play them in linux, maybe
the DivX one?

2) Seperate issue than the first.  When I do play back my Xvid clips
via mythvideo and the internal player, it is very hard to do any form
of seeking on the file.  It'll play back just fine but if I try to
seek forward or backwards it has a tough time going.  For example, if
I fast forward at 60x, it will have a tough time advancing frames at
anything beyond 5x and in addition it'll continue to play sound while
doing this.

Any ideas?


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