[mythtv-users] Newbie Questions

Brett Kosinski fancypantalons at gmail.com
Fri Dec 15 18:39:56 UTC 2006

> 1.) Digital vs. Analog Cable
> I am in Canada with Shaw as my cable provider.  There is not broadcast
> digital service and I would not expect it anytime soon given our draconian
> government controlled TV system.  I would like to make the jump to digital
> cable but I want to make sure I can still use my PVR.  If I subscribe to
> the service does the PRV tuner basically replace my providers tuner box?
> i.e. it can tune into the digital channels?

No.  You'll feed the output of your digital cable box into your MythTV PVR,
and control it via an IR blaster-type device (so Myth can perform channel
changes).  This is because the digital cable feeds are encrypted, so there's
no way to feed them directly into the Myth box.  This also, incidentally,
makes HDTV out of the question.

Incidentally, I'm also on Shaw Cable and have a Motorola DCT-2524.  It works
beautifully with my blaster from irblaster.info and the DCT2500 remote codes
(and quickly, after I removed the delay between clicks in my channel
changing script).

2.) Dual tuners
> Can I have two tuners and record 2 shows at the same time?

Yes, but you'll need two cable boxes and two IR blasters to do it.

3.) Front End vs. Back End
> I recall reading that the ideal solution would be to have a dedicated box
> to record content (i.e. tuner cards, host the database etc) and a separate
> box to watch TV / content.  Is it realistic to not just build a high end
> system with lots of RAM etc and use it for both?

You could, but then you'd have this big, hot, noisy PC in your living room.
The advantage of a split system is that you can have a big BE with fans and
hard disks whirring in some closet somewhere, while your FE can be small,
quiet, and stylish.  But it really is a matter of preference.

4.) Wireless USB extender (completely off topic - for a MAME system)

Can't help ya here. :)

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