[mythtv-users] Newbie Questions

dat220 at tappin.ca dat220 at tappin.ca
Fri Dec 15 18:30:56 UTC 2006

I have been looking at MythTV for a while now and if I can ever get my
entertainment system finished in my basement (my wife's prerequisite for
buying the big screen TV I want) I have plans for a MythTV PVR.

I have a few questions though that I can't seem to find direct answers for
on the various sites / FAQ's.

1.) Digital vs. Analog Cable

I am in Canada with Shaw as my cable provider.  There is not broadcast
digital service and I would not expect it anytime soon given our draconian
government controlled TV system.  I would like to make the jump to digital
cable but I want to make sure I can still use my PVR.  If I subscribe to
the service does the PRV tuner basically replace my providers tuner box? 
i.e. it can tune into the digital channels?

2.) Dual tuners

Can I have two tuners and record 2 shows at the same time?

3.) Front End vs. Back End

I recall reading that the ideal solution would be to have a dedicated box
to record content (i.e. tuner cards, host the database etc) and a separate
box to watch TV / content.  Is it realistic to not just build a high end
system with lots of RAM etc and use it for both?

4.) Wireless USB extender (completely off topic - for a MAME system)

I was at one point going to build a MAME stand alone system and even
purchased the cabinet joysticks and buttons.  It came with a USB interface
to connect all the components and simulate keyboard input.  I now envision
using MythTV for my MAME system and have a small portable control box with
all the joysticks etc but I would rather it be wireless.  I basically am
looking for a battery powered device I can plug a USB device into and have
it 'talk' to my MythTV box.  I know I can hotwire a standard wireless
keyboard and just place the guts in my MAME control system but I am
looking for something more elegant.


Dan T

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