[mythtv-users] Best Epia choice?

Brett Kosinski fancypantalons at gmail.com
Thu Dec 14 21:08:19 UTC 2006

> > Well, I have an EN12000EG which is fanless and contains a VT1625, and
> > while you are correct that the chipset isn't fully supported, it
> > certainly works on my TV.  The only major trick is that you have to tell
> > the via driver to use the VESA BIOS for setting the video modes.
> > This'll get you a working 640x480 NTSC configuration.  The picture
> > doesn't perfectly fill the screen (there doesn't appear to be any
> > overscan), but it does the job for me, anyway.
> Hmmm. Sounds usable! Is there a similar PAL mode availabla via VESA?

There's definitely a 720x576 video mode listed in my Xorg logs, so I think
the answer is 'yes', but you might want to check the OpenChrome mailing list
(and possibly the VIA boards) just to make sure.

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