[mythtv-users] Channel change script, PVR-150, and tinny audio

Paul Fine pfine at comcast.net
Thu Dec 14 14:21:18 UTC 2006

Brett Kosinski wrote:
>     I just updated from atrpms about one week ago.  When I looked at the
>     ivtv notes on their site, I also got the impression that the
>     problem was
>     solved.  Unfortunately, I am still seeing (actually hearing) the
>     problem.  Perhaps the problem I am having is not the problem I think I
>     am having.
>     Here are the ivtv packages I have installed.  Hmmm.  Is it normal to
>     have two ivtv-kmdl packages installed?
> Yeah, since you'll still have the old kernel around, as well as the 
> new one (for which the new kernel module package is required).
> Dumb question, but I presume you did a reboot to get the new kernel 
> modules loaded?  If you do a 'dmesg', there should be IVTV-related 
> logs, including the version number loaded.  I assume it reports 0.8.1?
> Brett.
Yes.  I had rebooted.  No, not a dumb question.  That's just the kind of 
mistake that I might make.

The kernel was definitely loading the 0.8.0 ivtv kernel module (from 
"dmesg | grep ivtv").  I guess my last update wasn't as clean as I had 
hoped.  The loaded kernel was 2.6.18-1.2200.fc5.i686.  The ivtv kernel 
module was version 0.8.0 for that kernel.  The lirc kernel module was 
for 2239.  I ma not sure why that worked.

yum was telling me that I did have the 2239 kernel, but it was not in my 
/boot directory.

So I updated the kernel, and then I updated all my drivers to the new 
kernel version (lirc, ivtv, nvidia).  In my one experiment, the audio 
from the line in on the PVR-150 did not exhibit the tinny audio 
problem.  The ivtv version is now 0.8.2.

Thanks for the help.

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