[mythtv-users] Channel change script, PVR-150, and tinny audio

Chris Weisiger cweisiger at bellsouth.net
Thu Dec 14 03:50:33 UTC 2006

Brett Kosinski wrote:
>     I have 2 pvr-150s, both with tinny audio. To solve this issue, I
>     have a script that runs in the background on startup that simply
>     loops infinitely, running the ivtv-ctl commands that set the audio
>     input for each tuner every 10 seconds. Yes it runs unnecessarily
>     99.9% of the time, but it works for me. When I change channels or
>     switch tuners, I have no more than 10 seconds of tinny audio.
> You really should try the latest drivers, then.  I have absolutely no 
> tinny audio with my (only one :( ) PVR-150, and AFAIK, the problem is 
> reported as fixed as of 0.8.1 and 0.7.2.
> Brett.
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If its the problem I was having. I just installed ivtv from source after 
editing a out some lines in a file and I have NO tinny audio and no
unnecessary commands to run.

root at's password:
Last login: Thu Dec  7 22:47:12 2006 from
[root at tv ~]# uptime
 21:45:59 up 32 days, 13:22,  4 users,  load average: 0.03, 0.07, 0.30

latest uptime information....havent even had to reboot once...so its 
been up for little over a month.

Locate this part of the ivtv-streams.c file:

        /* Disable digitizer */
        IVTV_DEBUG_INFO("Disabling digitizer\n");

I commented out the following line below:

        //itv->video_dec_func(itv, VIDIOC_STREAMOFF, &dummy);

        /* initialize or refresh input */
        if (atomic_read(&itv->capturing) == 0)
                ivtv_vapi(itv, CX2341X_ENC_INITIALIZE_INPUT, 0);
                ivtv_vapi(itv, CX2341X_ENC_REFRESH_INPUT, 0);

        /* enable digitizer (saa7115) */
        IVTV_DEBUG_INFO("Enabling digitizer\n");

and this line below here:

        //itv->video_dec_func(itv, VIDIOC_STREAMON, &dummy);

        return 0;

Follow the installation procedure and you shouldnt have any issues...

Some said to use a sleep command in  the file but that did not work for me.
I then found the above and it has worked flawlessly.

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