[mythtv-users] Can a pcHDTV record standard definition?

Brad brad at bradandkim.net
Thu Dec 14 01:39:02 UTC 2006

On Wed, 2006-12-13 at 18:52 -0500, R. G. Newbury wrote:
> Brad,
> Provided you can receive useful signals OTA, you really cannot go wrong 
> with the HD3000/HD5000 or equivalent. If your digital cable stuff is 
> encrypted (needs STB) there WILL be unencrypted digital streams to get.
> And you may be able to ditch all of that for an antenna.
> The card is probably only 3 months cable subscription. Same again for 
> the antenna...It's where I am headed...
> Geoff

Thanks for all the advice Geoff.  I am looking hard at that option now,
but it looks like OTA I will only get 4-5 channels (in HD) and I won't
even get all of the major networks.  There are too many channels on
cable that I think I would miss, like Discovery and the ESPN's.
Something to think about though.

On a side note, is there any major difference between the pcHDTV3000 and
the pcHDTV5000?

Thanks again,


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