[mythtv-users] DVI on GeForce 6200 to HDMI on Toshiba 30HF84 TV

Glenn Harris gharris+list+mythtv at eklo.com
Wed Dec 13 22:51:06 UTC 2006

On 12/13/06, Jesse Dhillon <tobor at berkeley.edu> wrote:
>  I have a Geforce 6800 connected to a Toshiba 62hm15a via a DVI-HDMI cable.
> I get BIOS messages on the TV as well as the Ubuntu splash screen, but to
> get xorg working was pretty much hell. I had to install the nvidia drivers,
> use the nvidia config tool to save the EDID, parse it to get the valid
> modelines for xorg.conf. Even then, I can't get a 1080i resolution even when
> I have the modes for it and I've seen the TV go that high before. Lucky for
> me I'm satisfied with 720p.
>  Jesse.

I have a toshiba 46H83 driven by an integrated 6150 over dvi.  I get
BIOS messages and all that fun stuff.

I have the same resolution problems for 1080i.  But for 720p I just
removed all of my modelines and let the driver/x/edid work it out.  I
have a bit of overscan but not terrible.
The 1080i thing is a apparently a bug in the nvidia drivers and how it
reads edid data from dfps.  If you search for 1080i on nvnews.com
there are a bunch of threads about it.  Someone found a crazy modeline
to make 1080i work, but it locks up the xserver if you try to use xv
or xvmc.  So for now I am sticking with 720p.  It looks good and I
spend less time banging my head against the wall.


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