[mythtv-users] A few questions (Directv, lirc priority)

Jeff Simpson jeffsimpson at alum.wpi.edu
Wed Dec 13 19:17:51 UTC 2006

> Add more serial ports.

I second that. The easiest and most inexpensive solution is to get one
of those PCI serial cards. I think even the cheap-o ones will work in

> It has been suggested that you might be able to use a USB->Serial
> adaptor to add a serial port but I don't know of anyone who has
> successfully done this to control a DirecTV box.

I've talked to some people that had success on that front. I would
recommend going for hardware serial ports, first though, since USB
dongles would make it tough to determine which one goes to which
tuner, since the order you plug the receivers in makes a difference
(plus you'd need a total of 8 USB->Serial adapters for 4 STBs, which
might be a tad ridiculous).

 - Jeff

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