[mythtv-users] A few questions (Directv, lirc priority)

Brett Kosinski fancypantalons at gmail.com
Wed Dec 13 18:34:25 UTC 2006

> > Finally, my next question involves lirc client application priority.
> > What determines which application has priority over the remote control
> > button presses? For example, if I have irexec, xine, and mythfrontend
> > all running, is it simply the application with focus that has
> > priority?
> Someone else will have to answer that one.

This was cross-posted to mythtvtalk, but I figure my response on this topic
is probably useful on the mailing list, too.

Anyway, in my experience, the events generated by lircd will go to *all*
lirc clients, unless of course someone knows of a way to prevent this.
Obviout this is a pain if you're using, say, Xine and find MythTV responding
to your button presses, as well.  As a result, I was forced to use an X
event generation approach, rather than native lirc support (such as
irxevent, irexec + xmacro, or my own irxkeys tool).

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