[mythtv-users] HDTV on EPIA SP13000

S2 s2.akira at tin.it
Wed Dec 13 19:10:14 UTC 2006

Kevin Slater wrote:
> Got my DVI-02 installed last night and I have BIOS 1.07 on the
> motherboard. Tonight I make my first attempt at running in an HD
> resolution. There is some question whether the DVI-02 will do interlaced
> modes. Openchrome devs say no interlaced modes over the VGA output so
> we'll have to see with the DVI-02.

There's currently no DVI support in the openChrome driver. So if you
want 1280x720 on DVI you have to use VESA and have a bios that supports
it. Does the 1.07 version support widescreen resolutions?

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